Fair Lending & Best
A good reputation has
incalculable worth, but
tarnishing it can mean
consequences on our
We have a set of best
practices in place that
illustrate our ongoing
commitment to
responsible lending. Here
are some of the central
points of Park Avenue's
Best Practices
Fair Lending
Our Commitment: All loans we originate must have a net Tangible benefit to the borrower.

No High-cost Loans - We do not originate "high Cost Loans" as defined by the federal Home Ownership
and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA).

Fair Loan Terms - We do not originate or make loans containing short-term Balloon payments, negative
amortization, Interest Only, reverse mortgages, or interest rate increases triggered by borrower default.

We offer loans without prepayment penalties. When a borrower opts for a loan with a prepayment charge, the
borrower benefits from a lower interest rate or pays lower upfront fees.

We do not originate loans that pay off zero interest rate mortgages provided by charitable organizations or
the government without borrower third party counseling.

Education - We provide a helpful, easy to follow brochures to all our loan applicants to educate them on the
loan origination process, explain basic loan terms, help them obtain a loan that suits their needs and advise
them on how to find a HUD-Approved loan counselor.

Fraud Prevention - Park Avenue Mortgage Center is not affiliated with any title or appraisal companies. We
do not have any back room operations that benefit from over charges to maintain such practices. We will use
a title company of our customer's choosing. We follow HVCC and will not dictate or attempt to influence an
appraiser for a certain value or a title company to hide any adverse liens that could affect the loan approval

Publications - All brochures provided to our customers are publish by the Federal Reserve Board,
Respective Government entity, or a reputable company familiar with the subject material.

Park Avenue Mortgage Center is an Equal Housing / Equal Opportunity Mortgage Broker. We will provide
our services and/or assistance to any prospective mortgage customer.
Licensed by the PENNSYLVANIA Department of Banking
Registered by Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System
Licensed Mortgage Broker # 20402 N.M.L.S. Entity ID # 101916
Licensed Loan Originator # 30080 N.M.L.S. Entity ID # 135328